Immune Defence Reviews – Best Immune Support System in 2020

Product Review in 2020 of Immune Defence Boost immune system

Immune Defence Review

Immune Defence is an effective product to fight against cold symptoms.

Besides, you can enjoy the aniseed flavor of this supplement. Thus, the pleasure does not end here!

best immune system booster against coronavirus

Furthermore, it provides a soothing effect to your aching throat. Within no time, the lozenges dissolve on your tongue and provide quick relief.

The zinc ions of the lozenges bath the back of your sore throat. There is more on this later!

Several biological reasons are present in favor of Zinc to help you in fighting against colds.

Zinc present in these lozenges helps you to gradually get rid of symptoms of cold and flu. Zinc has the capability of combining with the carboxyl termini. Thus, Zinc prevents the entry of negatively charged particles of the rhinovirus coating from entering the cells.

Therefore, ultimately, you get quick relief from the cold symptoms for the time being. Moreover, in the long run, the patient notices a visible reduction in the cold and flu symptoms. Yet, it has the capability of further controlling the virus from reproducing.

The aniseed lozenges have Acerola and Rosehip too. Rosehip will give an abundant supply of Vitamin C. Yet, Acerola also provides vitamin C.

Therefore, every ingredient of this supplement has the support of numerous studies.

They prove about the effectiveness of every ingredient like Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Together, its combination provides immense support as well as improvement to the immunity system.

Why Should You Buy Immune Defence?

There are numerous supplements available in the markets to boost the immune system.

However, Immune Defence stands distinctively among the leading supplements. It is highly effective in alleviating cold symptoms.

The ongoing attacks of Coronavirus are the root of pandemic disease, COVID-19.

how to fight against covid-19

Thus, people are too concerned and worried about looking for supplements for Coronavirus. But let us tell you, there is nothing like such a thing.

Indeed, look for supplements to boost the immune system to fight COVID-19. A sharp surging trend is visible among the customers.

They are searching for products to boost their immune system. Ongoing events created great awareness among the people about these viruses. They spread easily and put a lot of people at high risk.

Certainly, this is the perfect time for educating people. Immune boosting companies help them in finding solutions. It is a better step for the protection of them and their loved ones and families.

Still, looking for reasons to select Immune Defence as your Immune booster? Go ahead and have a look at the discussion.

  • Essential Nutrients: Immune Defence got all the necessary and essential nutrients. They are perfect for improving and boosting your immunity to fight against viruses and bacteria. Immune Defence is a good way out to provide you relief from sore throats much quickly. Suck in a lozenge regularly!
  • Immune Booster: Also, it is a perfect choice if your weakened immune system due to stress needs an immune booster. Continuous stress, tiredness, tensions, rundowns, and problematic situations adversely affect your immune system. Thus, a weaker immune system will make you more prone to cold and flu symptoms. It is because of the less able to fight against pathogens.
  • Ample Zinc and Vitamin C: Every Lozenge gives an average of 35% of Zinc, and 3.13% of Vitamin C. This constitutes for 3.5mg of Zinc and 2.5mg of Vitamin C.
  • Natural Ingredients: Immune Defence comprises of all the natural ingredients. Thus, this makes it safe to use.
  • Fortified immunity: Due to the regular intake of lozenges of Immune Defence, you can enjoy fortified immunity defenses naturally.
  • Anti-Viral Defence: Immune Defence gives support to the resistance of your body during the seasonal flu and colds. It is powerful for fighting against the ongoing infectious viruses of flu and colds during seasons.
  • Reduction in incidences: The regular usage of Immune Defence will reduce the incidence of colds and its symptoms. According to many studies, Zinc lozenges are effective in reducing the duration of flu and cold symptoms to almost up to 50%.
  • Family Package: The zinc lozenges of Immune Defence are not just for children, but people of all ages except below 12 years. Irrespective of gender and age, it turns to be an ideal choice for people suffering from colds and flu. It provides ultimate protection and wellbeing for the whole family.
  • Easy to carry: Unlike other medications, Immune Defence is an easy to carry item even during traveling. Besides keeping at home, you can keep them in your offices too.

Why Immune Defence Over Its Competitors?

Competitors are also offering immune boosters. These are either in the form of gummies or tablets or capsules or syrups or soft chews.

why immune defence is best otc immune support supplements

Yet Immune Defence excels among its competitors. Do you know why?

Look at the reasons behind the excellence of Immune Defence over its competitors:

  • Acerola and Rosehip: The presence of these two ingredients ensures for abundance supply of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.
  • Packaging Size: The Immune Defence is easily available in a single packet for individual users. Also, its easy availability in the family package makes it a perfect choice.
  • Pricing: The price of the Immune Defence is nominal. However, you can save your money if you buy the family pack size.
  • How many times can we use it maximum? All the ingredients of Immune Booster are completely natural. It imposes no health risks and makes it a safe choice for immune boosters for vegetarians and vegans too.
  • Great taste: The presence of aniseed gives it a good taste. Unlike bitter medications, it is a preferable choice among children due to their sweet taste.
  • Enhanced immunity: The presence of Zinc and Vitamins (A, C, and E) in Immune Defence helps in reducing flu and cold symptoms by up to 50 percent.
  • Safe for 12+: People older than 12 years can easily use it daily. However, it is not preferable for children under 12 years to us Immune Defence.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: It offers a money-back guarantee within 100 days. It gives a great sense of security of money to its users. Also, it reduces your risk factor greatly.
  • High Beneficial Dosage of Zinc: Every Lozenge contains 14 mg of Zinc. It is sufficient to match the daily recommended dosage of every man and woman. 
  • Dissolve Easily: As soon as you put on your tongue, it will dissolve quickly. This makes its consumption for its users very easy as well as quick.
  • High-end Quality: The Immune Defence is a high-end quality product. The UK manufactures it under high-quality standards.

Ingredients of Immune Defence

Immune Defence is a worthy product to buy. It is well known for its effectiveness.

Therefore, buyers will try to find the ingredients of Immune Defence. Every ingredient of this product is natural and herbal to use.

The combination of all the ingredients provided with the best product for immune system support.

You must look at all of its ingredients to know about their importance in boosting your immunity.

ingredients in best immune support system

Mark it as a must to buy. Note down all its essential ingredients to strengthen, improve, and boost your immune system.

  • Rose Hip Powder
  • Sugar
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Acerola Powder
  • Bulking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate)
  • Oil of Aniseed

1) Rosehip powder

Rosehip powder is fully loaded with Vitamin C. According to a study, patients who used Rosehip noticed visible effects. Their incidence of cold reduced by 18%, and their symptoms of getting sick because of cold also reduced. 

The Rose hip is the round portion of the rose flower just below the petals. Rosehip [1]

The round below the petals of rose flower is called the Rosehip. It contains the rose plant’s seeds. The dried form of the Rosehip and its seeds are essential in the making of effective medicines for flu-like Immune Defence.

As Rosehip has excessive Vitamin C, users or buyers find it very effective in the prevention and treatment of flu, colds, or the deficiencies of vitamin C. Rosehip is among the highest vitamin C containing fruits and vegetables. It has the highest vitamin C among all the fruits and vegetables.

Until now, numerous researches show the vital role of Vitamin C in the immune system of the body. It stimulates the production of lymphocytes, white blood cells. This is a must for your body to protect against infections.

Besides, it also helps in maintaining the protective barrier of your skin against the external pathogens.

Additionally, Rosehip has high levels of vitamins e and Vitamin A and polyphenols.

2) Acerola Powder

Acerola resembles fruit like cherry. It is high in vitamin C like nutrients. Therefore, it holds strong power to fight against the flu and cold. You can even use it as the antioxidant nutrient.

Acerola is present in various forms. However, the powder form is the most popular one. According to numerous researches related to Vitamin C and the foods containing it, Acerola showed the best results. It has a higher content of vitamin C in contrast to strawberries and oranges even.

Yet, it cannot outclass the Rosehip. However, it is also an excellent source when it comes to Vitamin A. [2]

Vitamin C is effective in the building of collagen. Also, it protects mucus membranes. Moreover, it also prevents scurvy.

Note that Vitamin C plays a significant role in ensuring the functioning of the immune system. Furthermore, it helps your body to build the immune system for fighting against viruses and infections.

3) Zinc Gluconate

You can now have the opportunity of consuming zinc gluconates. All thanks to the Immune Defence for providing its consumers with the lozenges. It is effective in reducing the period of experiencing the symptoms of the flu and cold. Once the patient starts consuming the lozenges of zinc Gluconate, they get rid of the symptoms of flu and cold within 24- 48 hours.

Moreover, when you intake elemental Zinc, it greatly reduces the incidence of symptoms of cold and flu. [3]

Zinc can actually play a significant role in reducing the severity of the cold. In research, the importance of Zinc administration during colds was obvious. The duration of cold lessen by one day, and the severity also reduced.

Moreover, Zinc has the capability of controlling the infections.

Zinc deficiency can lead to a reduction in the immune cells. It will ultimately lead to higher inflammation. So, it is a must to control your inflammation by stopping the actions of proteins with the administration of Zinc Lozenges.

So, Zinc is essential yet susceptible while treating elderly people who face zinc deficiency. They may experience diseases like:

  • Atherosclerosis,
  • Cancer,
  • Immunosenescence,
  • Neurodegenerative disorders.

Therefore, Zinc is a must to reduce your inflammation, enhance the immunity of a weakened immune system, and make it stronger to prevent diseases. Taking Zinc supplements on time will reduce the risk of the entrance of pathogens. Your immunity will turn stronger as soon as you get more immune cells and reduce your inflammation too.

4) Vitamin C

Since the discovery of this Vitamin in the years of 1930s, it is working safely for protection and strong immunity against viruses and bacteria. That’s not all!

Vitamin C is surely the essential nutrient needed by the body for fighting against bacteria and viruses. Still, our body does not produce it. Therefore, we have to get the required daily requirement of our body. You can get it through the daily intake of food.

Dietary intake is the only source of it. It proved up when the sailors’ incident took place in the 1700s. Their story of scurvy highlighted the need for dietary intake of vitamin C. [4]

Vitamin C will give protection to your immune system. Also, you may notice a significant reduction in the sereneness of the allergic reactions. Moreover, your immune system will get strong enough to fight against the infections.

Here is a catch behind it! The intake of vitamin C must be regular. It will reduce the incidence of flu and colds. Moreover, the frequency of experiencing cold will reduce. Your duration of cold may lessen by one day. 

However, the extra dosage of vitamin C is all right to take. It is not right in every case but for the patients who catch a cold despite taking Vitamin C regularly.

Vitamin C is an effective source of prevention and treatment of systemic and respiratory infections. It is possible through the enhancement of functions of several immune cells.

5) Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for the immune system. It regulates and develops the immunity of your body. Thus, it is also called an anti-inflammation vitamin. It plays a vital role in the enhancement of the immune system.

Also, it has a regulatory role in adaptive immunity to get better and stronger. Therefore, your body will build the capability to fight against numerous diseases caused due to infections.

6) Vitamin E

Immune cells are important in the building of a strong immune system. Vitamin E plays a role in the enhancement of immune responses. Also, it protects against numerous infectious diseases.

7) Oil of Aniseed

It is an essential oil in the treatment of sore throats. People use it in respiratory infectious diseases, cough, swine flu, inflammation (lung swelling), influenza (flu), bird flu, bronchitis, and swine flu.

General Questions and Answers
best immune system support

Q1: Is it available online on Amazon?

No, it is just available on its official website.

Q2: Is it appropriate for kids?

No, it is not preferable for the kids below 12 years.

Q3: Who can use it?

Middle-aged men and women can use it. Moreover, people with zinc deficiency can also use it.

Q4: Is it a treatment for Coronavirus?

No, we do not offer such promises. It can make your immunity stronger and prevent you from viruses and bacteria. Immune Defence is for enhancing your immunity and making it stronger. It is not a treatment.

Q5: How many times can a user take it?

You can consume it after every two hours not more than 4 times in a day.

Q6: Does it have any side effects?

Not really, but the overdosage than the recommended dosage can cause the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Anemia
  • Tiredness
  • Copper deficiency
  • Abdominal pain

Q7: How to boost the immune system?

  • Exercise and a good diet
  • Vaccination
  • Good Sleep
  • Manage stress
  • Good Hygiene

Immune Defence is a good product to make your immune system better and stronger.

Sucking in a few lozenges regularly will provide you with stronger immunity. You will build the power to fight against diseases and infections.

[Be informed and get Safe from SCAM and HOAX]

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