Best Video Doorbell Cameras of 2020

Find out reviews on features and benefits of top 7 HD quality survilliance Video Doorbell Cameras of 2020.

Best Video Doorbell Cameras of 2020: Perfect Home Security during Coronavirus Outbreak!

Home security has become a serious issue for almost everyone these days since the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Look at our 7 best video doorbells collection and find more about their specs and features they usually offer for the better security system for your home. 

How Video Doorbells and The Coronavirus are Related?

Social distancing is the most we can do to prevent the pandemic COVID-19 disease, and doorbells play a partially helpful role in this scenario.

Doorbell cameras enable users to see when someone’s at their door, allowing them to speak directly with the guest without any physical contact.

There is a big help in receiving your packages outside the door and even you can see the suspicious activities around the porch. 

This may seem a small thing around before a year ago, but ever since Coronavirus has caused more than 300,000+ deaths worldwide there are only precautions we could take.

Remember, there are no dedicated vaccines for Coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked citizens to disinfect their houses once awhile.

The best 7 video doorbell cameras are on the go but before let’s find out how do they work. 

  1. Ring Video DoorBell 2
  2. Nest Hello Video Doorbell
  3. Arlo Video Doorbell
  4. August Doorbell Cam Pro
  5. SkyBell Trim Plus
  6. Byron Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
  7. Eufy 2K Video Doorbell

How do Video Doorbell Cameras work?

Traditional doorbells have this style of closing a circuit to ring a chime in your home when you push the button from outside.

Video doorbells are a little bit tricky in this matter, once you push the button in the video doorbell the camera directly sends a video to your Smartphone or dedicated device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You can also talk to the person by tapping on buttons available on the application over a two-way speaker.

Ring alert is the pre-built feature in every doorbell that notifies the user when a person rings the bell.

The motion alerts are also the newest feature of all which may be difficult to handle at the time. 

7 Best Video Doorbell Cameras in 2020

1) Ring Video DoorBell 2

This is the best video doorbell camera considering the ratings and wide range of features that involved:

  • 1080p HD Video
  • Two-way Audio
  • The battery of Hardwired Powered
  • Infrared Night vision
  • Cloud Storage
  • Motion Detection
  • 160 Horizontal FOV
  • Alexa and IFTTT Integrated

The ring is the pioneer of the video doorbell market which is available at the most renowned platform as a respected product.

The doorbell camera comes with controlling the video option via Alexa. Whatever you want from a wireless video doorbell, Ring Video DoorBell 2 has got them for you.

It also notifies you to motion and noise where it also records the video with audio and let you speak two-way mode. 

Ring Video DoorBell 2 records at 1080p, it can also be operated from a wired mains connection or with a rechargeable battery.

This doorbell device runs on battery power which means no wire tangled, simply plug it into the micro USB cable and it will last up to three months. 

2) Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest Hello Video Doorbell Camera offers users 24/7 streaming and lets you see each and everything going outside the front door.

The video doorbell is made to show the full view of the doorstep where you can see a person completely. There is a very high chance you can see the packages which are sometimes laying outside your house. 

There are some changes you could make, like if you just want a summary and don’t wanna record everything simply take a short tour through 3-hour snapshot history.

This will tell you if everything is okay, with clear video and audio at any time of the day the Nest Hello Video Doorbell offers night-vision features.

Nest Hello features the same security as the Nest Cam which is the company home security camera with extra features like a doorbell. 

For someone who wants features like continuous recording for up to 30 days, they go for a Nest Aware subscription.

This will allow users to check through the entire video history. The price of Nest Hello Video Doorbell is mentioned here. 

3) Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell is the classic of 2010 with great cloud storage and following features. 

  • HD Video Quality
  • Best Audi Quality
  • People, Animal and Items Detection
  • Wired with Strong Foundation
  • Feature-packed application

Arlo is one of the reputable names in the best home security cameras industry; with this exceptional Arlo Doorbell, they have delivered some high-quality video and audio in both day and night.

You could also detect a person full –length and even notice the package he/she is holding or are on the floor. 

One of the incredible things about Arlo Video Doorbell is the motion sensor which is quite hard to find these days in video doorbell cameras.

The video doorbell is hard-wired and supports Alexa. Some outstanding other features including the video storage which acquired user subscription.

4) August Doorbell Cam Pro: Most Affordable Subscription

The only video doorbell camera which proves to be the best in square shape. August Doorbell Cam Pro is uniquely designed to fit in small spaces such as space between the front door and mailbox.

Like the best Video Doorbell Camera, it sends a live HD video feed through Smartphone August App.

The doorbell sports the two-way audio which lets you speak with the visitors, the HD color Night Vision with 24-hours of free video recording seems to be the best deal that comes with it.

The doorbell video camera by August lacks custom motion zones with filed view only 120o.

August Doorbell Cam Pro Benefits

  • Space-friendly
  • Two-way Audio
  • HD color night vision
  • Live HD Video feed option

5) SkyBell Trim Plus

When you want the best video doorbell with free cloud recording and easy DIY installation, the SkyBell Trim Plus has these features in a very reasonable price range.

The video doorbell camera sports a very slim and tiny body that is around one and a half inches and fits perfectly on any location.

The user can be able to see 1080p resolution with the unique option of 5x zoom. Even if the visitor gets close to the door, the Skybell motions sensor alerts you before he even knocks.

The two-way audio option helps the users to speak and hear the visitors from your Smartphone. 

With color night vision, the video doorbell camera by SkyBell comes with silent mode. This will let you disable the indoor chime and received notifications on your device instead.

6) Byron Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

There are three very reasons why you should buy the Byron wi-fi video doorbell.

  1. Two-way audio
  2. Motion detection
  3. No subscription cost

It’s the best doorbell camera of 2020 if you don’t want to pay for the storage subscription.

The company has been making doorbells for a long time; its incursion in the smart and wireless video doorbell has given them superiority over quality with guaranteed hardware.

The doorbells from Byron are not much slim but even then it’s giving a hard time to the competitors. 

There are these features opened and waiting for you to use them, the two-way audio and companion apps by Byron Wi-Fi Video Doorbell runs on the smartphones which give the video feed in 1080p HD quality with motion detection. 

What we have here are two different versions of Byron Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, the first one connects to the existing doorbell wiring, the other sports a cheaper wireless option with 720p video.

There is no subscription fee to pay to save recordings which you either store in the memory card or link them to service like Dropbox by Google. 

7) Eufy 2K Video Doorbell


  • Good quality + inexpensive
  • Easy to use the app
  • Doorbell chime 
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Built-in Storage
  • Need Wired Connection
  • No support for multiple users

If you want a small price to cover the basic features, the Eufy 2K video doorbell records excellent video quality with a 150-degree view.

The doorbell has a microSD card slot which lets you store hours long videos easily, you can also pay for the cloud storage that is $30/year for 30 days of storage.

You could control it from Smartphone but it lacks the basic features which are why it has a low price tag to cover the basics only. 

Choosing the Best Video Doorbell Camera in 2020

A simple video doorbell usually needs 16 volts or more to perform.

Newly designed homes are not of any issue for that but if you have an old house with antiqued electrical systems, some aspects will lack like it’s not getting proper juice.

The house built around the 1960s delivers only 10 volts to the doorbell which is not enough compared to the latest models that require more power. 

The best video doorbell must have these things to protect your home, considering the current Pandemic situation in order to maintain social distancing. 

  • Night Vision

Most video doorbell cameras have infrared light which is used to show the person at the door during the night. Night vision infrared light show up the person’s face and physique more pronouncedly than the street lights. It is important for your safety to always get the doorbells with night vision option so you can see at night. 

  • Motion Detection

Modern video doorbells these days come with mobile phone pairing which is connected to the company’s app to provide the user notifications. This feature is nothing without the important sensors that are Passive Infrared Sensor, these are motion detectors run by Infrared lights for both people and objects. This function is important for limit delayed answering from your side. 

  • Easy DIY Installation

There are two methods to install the doorbells, first, one is used for the battery-powered that is easy while the other option connects to the existing doorbell wirings with a little bit of re-wiring. This point being made, the perfect doorbell must also not be easy to remove for the auto-theft. The modern video doorbells are installed with security screws that prohibit the thieves from tampering. If these doorbells are removed, an instant message will send to your mobile device as a notification. 

  • Video Storage

Video doorbell records a plethora of videos daily to a daily basis for which it needs a bigger storage space. There are so far two options for that, the cloud storage on which you have to save all the videos and photos captured by the Video Doorbell Camera. Another option is the memory card given by the provider that defines how hours of video you can record. Most video doorbells cloud storage comes with a monthly or yearly plan. 

  • Weather Resistance

Weathers are always unpredictable, so the doorbell cameras should be able to withstand the extreme weather like heavy rainfall, snow, humidity or extreme freezing temperature that decay the wires at times. To get the best value for your money, you should always buy the toughest video doorbell with weather resistance feature. 

  • Multi-User Functionality

Without paying an extra fee, the multi-user functionality option gives access to the children as well as the parents to get notifications about the outside activities. The best video doorbells send notifications to the other users when someone answers the doorbell on the family’s behalf. Parents who are not okay with giving their kids control of the doorbell should alter this option using the app where it should go for in-home control panels to see these options. 

Final Summary

We have certainly not forgotten about the preventive measures you should take during the Coronavirus pandemic.

These include washing your hands at least for 20 seconds and avoid any physical contact. Always cover the nose and oral route at the time of coughing or sneezing. 

 When you think of avoiding physical contact, the latest video doorbell cameras play a heck of a role to maintain the security of your house and your family. 

 Our 7 best Video Doorbell Cameras Collection of 2020 has all the latest doorbells with remarkable features and cloud storage options.

General FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best camera quality a video doorbell should have?

The best video doorbell cameras should have an HD video option. Always look for the video doorbells with a resolution of 720 p and 120o field of vision at least. 

Q2: What field of view is best for a video doorbell?

The characteristic field of vision for humans is around 100° laterally If you want a camera that shows your front doorstep the way you see it exactly, look for a field of view with at least 120°. In this case, the Ring, Eufy, and Nest Hello doorbell cameras all have a field of view of 160° and up which is great. 

Q3: What’s the best audio feature in video doorbells?

Two-Way audio is supposed to be the standard feature in all the doorbell cameras because of how important it is. This is the marked feature that allows you to speak with the visitors and passes the information without physical contact. 

The Pre-Recorded Messages and Noise Cancellation modes are also fun to play with. Pre-recorded messages are received like voicemail for the wireless doorbell camera which plays an automated message when you cannot answer the door. 

Noise Cancellation option in the best video doorbell cameras is helpful to look for boosting audio quality and makes it easier for you to hear the outside voice. 

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