The Best Indoor Party Games for Adults in 2020

A Review on Top 8 best party games for adults in 2020 for interesting and unforgettable experiences.

Isn’t the hardest thing to stay indoors and enjoy your time?

As if, you are completely trapped and there is no way you can entertain or cheer your mood?

Well, if you can’t agree more to it, we name you some extremely engaging adult card games that will make your time simply fun and worth remembering with your friends and dear ones.

The 8 Best Party Games You Can’t Afford to Miss Indoor!

Not only these games are completely amusing, but are easy enough to prove you do not need to have some special crowd or skills to cut your boredom at your place.

What are these – let’s have a look:

1) Bad People

Now this is one brutal game that needs a lot of patience to digest what your loved ones think of you.

However, let’s be honest that it is one of the most interesting and engaging games you can think of.

It can be played with a minimum of three players, however, the number of players can be increased up to 10.

Firstly, all the players choose their player identity card and are then given a matching voting card that needs to be used as a sign of support when some question tends to go with your personality.

Frankly speaking, these questions are totally uproarious like ‘who is least likely to shave their genital areas?

And ‘who’s most likely to murder their spouse for the insurance money and get away with it?’- the response of which is sure to leave you in fits!

2) New Phone, Who Dis?

This is another amusing game based on reply and inbox cards.

As the game starts, reply cards are distributed to the players so when the judge draws an inbox card and reads out the text, the players read out their cards for the judge to decide the most perfect combination to declare the winner of that round.

The more interesting and funny the reply sounds with the text, the better the chance of winning that round.

Once the rounds end, the player with the most points in the end is declared as the winner. Interestingly, the game can be played with as many as 20 players and more players mean more fun for sure.

3) Search History Card Game

Now the adult version of Search History is all about adult fun, which you can play with those really close to you.

With search prompts like –why does my girlfriend always say…can you force a… how do you convince someone… you can simply make the players guessing and coming up with some very interesting replies.

The game introduces search results from some search engine with an initial prompt and makes all the players wondering the rest of the prompt.

The players can feel free to complete these with interesting and funny answers and all the players will then vote and pick the best answer, making one to score the most.

4) Taboo Midnight Game

Now you may be familiar with the rules and concept of the standard Taboo game where you tend to throw hints to the players to guess that exact selected word without mentioning the basic descriptors.

Likewise, the rules of Midnight version are pretty much the same.

However, what sets it apart from the standard Taboo game is using mindless words or double meaning words so that more spark can be added to the game.

The game can be played with as many players as interested that are divided into two individual teams to compete.

5) If You Had To

The game encompasses around 250 cards, each reading some extremely humorous situations for example ‘take on colonel sanders identity as your own or let drunk old people play dominoes on your naked body’.

To start the game, you have to take out 5 cards and select a one you feel is the scenario, the judge would resist doing it.

That is, out of the five, he or she would least likely to follow that situation.

With your reasoning, you now have to encourage the judge that the situation you’ve selected is the worst possible one so that you can score and win the respective round.

6) Fear Pong

This is one crazy game on earth! Honestly, it is! Now you probably know about beer pong and how this very game is played.

The only difference between the two is the addition of truth-or-dare that challenges you to either perform the dare mentioned on a waterproof card placed at the bottom of every cup or drink the cup full of bear as the acceptance to remove it from the play.

The more you choose to drink and empty your cups, the more you get on the losing side.

Fear Pong introduces some really hilarious challenges and despite the daring nature of the game, it is totally worth your time.

Well- what about playing this game with your sweetheart?

7) Telestrations After Dark

This is about taking your game night to the dark side! The game revolves around the visual version of telephone.

In this game, every player is handed a color-coded sketchbook along with matching drink coaster for all the players to remember the respective sketchbook of every participant.

Besides, they also get a double-sided card that have six phrases from which they have to choose one, pen down in their sketch book, flip the page and draw that phrase.

Once its done, turn over the next page and hand your sketchbook to the participant sitting on the left, who will then see the drawing and pen down its guess on the second page to pass it to the next left player to guess and for the game to continue to the point you get your sketchbook back.

In the end- it’s simply amazing to see what all the players have guessed about your sketching!

8) Never Have I Ever

This game- is said to be a game that revolves around poor life decisions and remembering all the blunders and stupid mistakes you have done in your life.

In order to play, every player receives 10 blue play cards. Now, a red card is drawn from the red card pile that brings out some sets of instructions directing the players to follow certain commands for that specific round for example, “never have I drank alone”.

In case you are guilty of a play card, you manage to make it in the round and keep it face-up on your ‘wall of shame’.

The first participant who collects 10 play cards is assumed as the winner of the game.

As much as it is about revisiting your previous life experiences, Never Have I Ever is totally fun to play.

Game Night Overview: 8 Best Adult Games

Now these were some very refreshing adult card games you can play indoors that require no special skills or equipment to make the best use of your time.

So, next time you or your friends feel the need for a get together- think of the best of out of these eight games that is most likely to entertain them.

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